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Friday, October 30, 2009

B & B Week

This has been a relaxed week (after I got through Monday, which we won't discuss in detail) in spite of having overnight guests from Monday night through this morning. Our church is hosting a Minister's Study Week this week. It is an annual conference that rotates between states and groups so that our congregation's turn to be the host is almost a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
We volunteered to host some of the visiting ministers and were assigned three people from southern Indiana. Verlin & Rosy Yoder and Sam Yoder arrived at bedtime Monday. We had never met any of them but enjoyed learning to know them. I only needed to provide breakfast for them in the morning and beds at night. They always left around 9 in the morning, were at the church all day, and returned around 9:30-10 at night. The last sessions are being held this morning and then they will drive straight home, which is about a 12-hour trip.
We are also heading west this afternoon and will spend the weekend with our daughter in Ohio. I'm glad that's only half as far as Indiana!

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