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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Too Many Irons

I was not mistaken when I said this week was going to be wild. Tuesday was my volunteer day at the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society. It was an interesting day, as usual, helping the editor prepare articles for the magazine and showing a tour group through the museum. Since it was such a lovely day, I stopped at a cemetery on the way home which I have long been wanting to search for Sallie Horning Powl. If she is buried there, her stone is one of the unreadable ones. I didn't find her but I did at least scratch the itch.
Wednesday was another day of volunteer work. In July Leroy started going to Cumberland County to service book racks once a month for Lantern Books. It operates much like Choice Books with book racks placed in stores rather than from a bookstore. After going with the man in charge a couple times, Leroy feels he can't do it alone and wants me to go along to do the paperwork. He would like to go more than once a month next year after he is semi-retired but I don't see how I can go more than once a month at this point. I enjoyed the day but just have too many irons in the fire to commit to more than once a month. Maybe I can go more in a year from now if I have my big writing project worked down to size---and provided I don't start anything new! I just like to do too many things and it's hard to keep all the irons in use.
This morning I took Leroy's mom to the doctor. I was glad to do it, but it put me on the road another half day. While I was over that way I got the weekly groceries. That should make it possible for me to stay home tomorrow to get caught after in the house and prepare the lesson I have to teach for one of the ladies' Sunday school classes on Sunday.
Being gone two and a half days in a row and trying to keep things after at home showed me I would never make it if I had to go to work every day. I have been a homemaker for 42 years and am admittedly spoiled by being able to work at my own pace. Tomorrow I am going to stay home--so help me God!

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