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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pig Panic

There is something in the news every day about Swine Flu. Sometimes I wonder if it is much ado about nothing as I do not know anyone who has gotten sick. I suppose if I had lived through the flu epidemic during the first World War, I might take it more seriously. Back then, they did not have the vaccines and medications we have today so I do not expect a repeat performance of that great flu epidemic.
We found out this week that Swine Flu is actually circulating in Berks County. Leroy was scheduled to go for jury duty on Monday. All the potential jurors were dismissed by 10 a.m. because the defendant who was to go on trial was in a part of the prison which has been infected with Swine Flu. The trial was postponed to keep from exposing anyone to the virus. None of the potential jurors complained about being dismissed! Measures like this will help to curb the flu.
But still, it seems to me the panic is greater than the pandemic. The price of pork has fallen sharply. There is no way you can get swine flu from eating pork but people are afraid to eat it. Pigs are getting a bad name and even the most innocent pigs are being ostracized.

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