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Friday, October 16, 2009


As I was cleaning today I was thinking about trusting God when our world is upside down and imploding upon us. At times like that, people mouth platitudes about trusting God and waiting upon Him to work things out and show us He knew what He was doing. They mean well but the repitition of things I already know does not help. All it does is tell me they don't really understand the situation.
It's easy to say, "There, there; it will be all right," when you are sitting in some sheltered cove. But when you are in the boat that's being battered by the waves and in danger of sinking or crashing on the rocks, those nice little platitudes about trusting God are not the words that come to mind.
So what is trust? Is sitting quietly and waiting for God to work the proof of trust? Perhaps one of my favorite poems will help to answer that question.
This Too Is Trust

O Lord, I realize that resoluteness,
And confidence that You are good and just,
And quietness, and cheerful songs at midnight---
These, these are trust.
But, Lord, when 'mid the blaze and crash of thunder,
The tempest lifts my boat so small, so frail,
And dashes it upon the foaming waters,
And torn my sail . . .
If then I drop my oar and scream in panic
Above the sound of wave and lashing gust,
Expecting You to save me from their furor---
This, too, is trust.