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Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Chairs

When we were married in 1967 we bought an extension table and six chairs. We ate from a card table for about a month until the table and chairs were finished. As the years passed, boards were added to the table to accommodate our growing family. Six chairs did not seat the whole tribe and we had to add two from other sources but the original six chairs were in use for 42 years.
As you can imagine, the chairs took a beating. One was broken too badly to be used and has stashed in the attic for quite awhile. Since there are only three of us living here anymore, we can easily do without it. This is how the survivors of 42 years and six children look. The picture doesn't really do justice to it. The back has been unprofessionally repaired. The finish is completely worn off in some places and is peeling in other places. Weekly washings have worn off the painted acorn design.

We often talked about replacing our beat-up chairs but it never happened. Then last week I saw a set of four chairs on E-bay that were just like ours, made by Moses Horning of Ephrata, Pa. We decided to put a bid on them and got them for the opening bid. They were in Chester Springs and for "pick up only." I was down that way on Saturday for something else so I made arrangements to stop and pick up the chairs on my way home. They had been used but look as good as new and just like our first chairs did when we bought them.

Since we both have December birthdays, we are used to giving and getting one gift that will do for both birthday and Christmas. Since there are four chairs, we decided we each get one for our birthdays and one for Christmas. Leroy's Christmas shopping is done and we finally have some decent looking chairs again. These should last as long as we need chairs at the table.

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Anonymous said...

These distinctive wooden kitchen chairs bring back very pleasant memories! I too "grew-up" on these chairs in the 1940s in Ephrata Twp. My parents had a whole set including 2 rocking chairs with the blonde finish and unique "PA Dutch" piping and painted detail

Of course we bought them from Moses Horning at his chair shop near Hinkletown on Martindale Rd. It's been decades since I've visited there, but I understand the chair shop is still operating, today run by Moses' son-in-law(??). Also another son(??) has continued the furniture business near Campbelltown in Lebanon Co.

Gary Good