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Sunday, January 3, 2010


The new year is three days old and has been good so far. Every new morning is a leap into the unknown but the beginning of a year always seems to cause people to look back at the past and wonder about the future. There seems to be more reflecting this year due to the end of a decade. One of these caught my eye and made me stop to think about how many changes we have seen in the last ten years just in the field of communications.
Ten years ago there were no iPods or iPhones. YouTube, My Space, Facebook, and Twitter did not exist. There are probably more. My world expanded when I learned to use email in the 1990s and in this decade I started blogging. I've been urged to but have not joined Facebook and have no idea how to send a tweet. If this explosion of communications continues, what all might we see in the next ten years? I suppose I shall fall further and further behind in keeping up with the latest technology. I can think of worse tragedies.
Every decade seems shorter than the one before. I remember turning ten and feeling so grown up to have two numbers in my age. My dad said, "It will be a long time before you have three numbers in your age." Those first ten years seemed to be the longest. Every decade since then has rolled by faster than the one before. Reaching 30 seemed awful but I didn't mind 40 nearly as much. I figured the damage was done so there's nothing to dread. Then the 40s were gone in a flash and the 50s stared me in the face. I thought the 50s were some of the best years of my life. I was old enough to be over the main stress of raising a family and too young for the aches and pains of old age to set in. But the 50s passed even faster than the 40s and the next thing I knew I was in the 60s with the aches and pains starting to creep in. I'm still hale and hearty enough to enjoy life and the freedom of indulging in my hobbies. But I know how fast ten years goes by and to think of the 70s rushing toward me is truly a scary thought. There are still so many things I'd like to do with my life and so little time to do them.
What will the next decade bring? God only knows. But He knows what He's doing and I'm going along for the ride.

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Anonymous said...

I continue to enjoy your blog and hope you just keep on writing for a long time yet. Yes, those decades just march on and on. 30 wasn't just too bad for me but 40 found me doing some pessimistic introspection. You see I wanted to DO SOMETHING in life but....well now I was 40. Then 50 and 60 in quick succession. I've been there for a while now but just don't let myself think about the next decade. Mary Horst