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Thursday, January 28, 2010

No Place Like Home

The frantic pace I have been running the last couple weeks has finally slowed slightly. I still have a lot on the agenda for the rest of the winter but the pressure is off since I wiped two jobs off the list this week. This morning I did the final review of the manuscript for reprinting Hidden Riches and it is now on its way to the layout department for the first step in the printing process.
The biggie was crossed off on Monday night when I finished giving the slide show at the Shank Door banquet. I spent two full days preparing the presentation and then reviewed it a couple times so I could do it smoothly. I had some nice compliments on it afterward so I am considering it a success. The ending, purpously designed for the Shank Door employees, brought down the house!
Here it is:

"The lights of the Holy City faded below us. The trip to Israel Leroy had dreamed of taking for so long was over. Our children's inheritance had been spent and all we had left was the memories, souvenirs, and pictures.

"But it was good to get back to familiar places . . .

. . . and the usual routine.

There's just no place like home!"

(He has a reputation for dumpster diving at work.)

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