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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April Summer

It's barefoot weather! My children remember I always told them they can't go barefoot until it was in the 80s for three days. This was our third day and I'm barefoot---in April! We reached 88 today and tomorrow is forecast to be 83 but then a cold front will come through and it will drop about 20 degrees. That's going to feel cold after a week of summer weather. This really is too early to be warm so long. Everything is bursting into bloom and might die a sudden death if it gets too cold at night.
I took advantage of the warm weather to get the roses in shape. I have red climbers planted at the rail fence in front of the house. They take a lot of care and every year I tell myself I'm going to let them die. But then June comes and they redeem themselves. The new spring growth looks so promising they won again. It took me a couple hours to weed along all the edges. Then I spent another hour per bush to prune and tie them to the rails. The final touch was raking the mulch even to fill in the bare spots. It took me two days to do everything but the roses are now ready for another June fashion show. And my arms are so full of scratches I look like I was in a cat fight. Those roses better put on a spectacular show this year to make all this effort worthwhile.

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