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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


If you've been watching Gerald's blog you have seen his countdown to graduation is now at 17 days. Today he picks up his cap and gown and the tickets for the 14 people he is allowed to invite to commencement on May 15. He has worked long and hard to reach this goal (and racked up a huge debt) but the end is in sight. We are all excited and happy for him.
In addition to earning a Bachelors Degree in Nursing (BSN) he will have the distinction of being the only one of our offspring to have finished college. Most of them would have the ability to get a degree but life took them in other directions and all of them are doing well in their chosen fields. However, a career in nursing requires an education.
Gerald has already been hired for an RN position at the Lehigh Valley Hospital with a starting date of June 22. All he needs to do yet is his last eight hours of precepting (hands-on training), take a couple final tests, and collect that important piece of paper. Then he can shift into the next stage of life and start putting his skills to work. He has made a good career choice which I know is right for him.

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