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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We had a nice visit with our guests last evening. My cogs were slipping though. They were not from Maine and Vermont but from New Hampshire and Massachusetts. It was not two couples but a man and three women. Here they are.
L-R--Patty and John, his two sisters, Lorraine and Carol.

Carol has bought all my books and is the one who got her brother to search for me. They have Italian background and a different heritage from our German one. Carol brought me some cookies she baked from an old Italian family recipe. Of course, I deliberately cooked PA Dutch foods. Apple butter, chicken pot pie, brown butter, chow chow, ring bologna, and shoofly pie were all foreign to them, but they said they liked everything and proved it by taking second helpings. We now have friends in the New England states we can visit if we ever go that way.

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