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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hall of Fame

Recently I met a lady whom I run into occassionally. She is a busy woman doing a lot of good things. Unfortunately, she seems to be more impressed with herself than I am. The more I see and hear from her the more unfavorable my impression becomes.
This got me to thinking about who the truly great women are that I have known. The following is not a complete list by any means but here are some of the women in my Hall of Fame.
The woman
* who was faithful to her marriage vows when her husband was not.
* who loved and cared for her mentally handicapped child as long as she lived.
* who was content to live in a place far from her family because her husband was called to serve there.
* who raised her family alone after her husband's death.
* who has enough education to be a college professor but continues to teach at a local Christian school.
* who never complains about the rough start she had in life.
* whose name is known across the country and travels a lot for speaking engagements but is still surprised by the attention she receives.
What is the common denominator that makes these women great? They have the heart of a servant. That, after all, is what Jesus said makes a person great. "He that will be greatest among you, let him be your servant."
An insecure woman needs to promote herself and make sure you know how great she is. And that is exactly what proves she is not as great as she thinks she is. A woman who is truly great does not have to make a lot of noise to let you know how great she is. Her actions speak for her without a word. Humble, modest women who serve others rather than self earn a place in God's Hall of Fame. Ultimately, that's what really matters.


Anonymous said...

Now that's some really good stuff, Romaine! It's so easy to fall into the competition mode with other women in the church. Thanks for the reminder of what characterizes a truly great woman!

Mrs. Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I like that post. we really don't have to prove anything to anybody but how we like the chance to have others know. I dislike myself when I'm guilty of "name dropping."

Mary H