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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


After three full days of running to and fro on the face of the earth, I am happy to stay home today and move at a little slower pace. The fact that it is snowing adds to the urge to cocoon.
I've reached the age when snow has lost it's appeal but I'm still glad I live in a place where there are four distinct seasons. Each one has a beauty and flavor of its own. I love to get out there and dig in the dirt in the spring. Summer is full of outdoor activities and fall has a spicy aroma like no other season. But then life moves indoors for the winter and I have time to do things that I don't get done in the other seasons.
The winter is slippg by and I have been making good progress on the list of things I wanted to do this winter. The last big one on the list is scrapbooking my pictures from 2010. I'm going to tackle that one today and aim to finish before the calendar says it's spring. I don't know when I'd get some of these things done if I lived in a place without a winter season.

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