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Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Blast

Except for one morning when I started working on getting ready to file taxes, I have been plugging away this week at the article I'm writing on the Burkholders for Pennyslvania Mennonite Heritage.
Before I started this project I questioned whether this is worthwhile since Bishop Christian Burkholder is so well known in Mennonite history. The longer I work on it the more I realize this writing is long overdue. While Christian's life and work is well known, no comprehensive work on his background and family has ever been written. I'm piecing it together from various sources, correcting errors, and filling in gaps. I was shocked to find there is no published genealogy of the Virginia descendants of Christian's brother Peter. Ditto for his brother Ulrich in Brecknock Township, where even some of the names of his six children are missing.
I love the challenge of research and am enjoying digging out the facts. I hope all the Burkholder descendants of the immigrant widow Barbara Burkholder and her six children will find this article beneficial. Meanwhile, it is keeping me pleasantly occupied during the cold winter months. I don't need to travel south to keep warm. I just go in my office, turn on the heat, and have a blast researching and writing.

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