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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Green Things

It's been awhile since I posted a progress report on Leroy's tractor-building project. That doesn't mean nothing was happening, just that progress was slow. He finally finished the assembly, which means he has figured out how to put the thing together.
On Saturday he tore it all apart again so he can paint the pieces. He took some pictures first in case he doesn't remember where a piece belongs when he is ready to put it back together. He's been doing a little painting each evening this week. Here are a couple pictures of the painting process.
The gray is the primer and the fan is turning yellow.
This morning he inspected the green things he painted last evening. The weather this week has been perfect for this project and he wants to get it done before it gets cool. Then he can move back indoors to reassemble the tractor. That should not take as many years as it took to figure out how to build it. When he is done he will have a miniature John Deere unstyled B with a Novo engine that has the sound of a real putt-putt.

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