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Sunday, September 9, 2012

New Audience

We tried something new today. Several years ago (probably more than I think) a small congregation near Quakertown joined our conference of churches. We learned to know some of their ordained men when they came to preach for us but we had never been to their church.
This summer we were asked to teach their adult classes one Sunday each month. We agreed to start when the new Sunday school year began in September. They said we shall come on the second Sunday of the month. That was today.
We left  home at 7:30 this morning in order to give us plenty of time to find the church. It was a beautiful day to make the drive and we enjoyed the day. It took us one hour and twenty minutes to get there. Next time we won't need to leave quite that early.
I knew this was a small church and that is why they were asking for teaching help, but I didn't realize HOW small it is. Last Sunday their attendance was 27 but with the visitors today the crowd swelled to 35. I had nine ladies in my class. I'm looking forward to learning to know them. With such a small class it shouldn't take too long to learn all their names. I suppose the class of men Leroy taught was about the same size.
Once in awhile I had a year off but I have been teaching the ladies class at our church for most of 38 years. I heard somewhere that if you want people to listen to what you have to say you either have to keep learning new things or find a new audience. After 38 years of teaching at the same place, I think they must be getting tired of me. Today I found a new audience.

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