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Sunday, September 30, 2012


I have two sisters. Whenever one of us has a birthday we have a Sister's Day. The birthday girl picks the activity. We've done all kinds of things from taking a trip to Mexico to quilting to just sitting and talking. For my birthday this year I decided I want to go to the cabin for a weekend and just loaf. It seems whenever we go up there we work our tails off maintaining and improving the place. I wanted to go and just loaf for a change like other people do when they go to a cabin. Since my birthday is just before Christmas and that is a busy time of the year, I chose to go early. This was the only weekend it seemed to work for all of us. 
We usually go up Friday night but since we were just going to loaf this time we didn't leave until Saturday morning. Here's how it looks when we loaf for a weekend.

Cleaning out the spring
Labeling envelopes
Weed whacking

Grading book reports

The quality of this picture makes it appear we may have been a bit nervous about taking time off from loafing to eat.

And some bona fide loafing on Sunday afternoon!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Romaine,

Your post on "Loafing" got me to thinking about where on earth that term originated? According to Merriam-Webster the term was originally a German word---"Landlaufer"--which translates into "land-runner/walker", or loosely to "tramp"!?

Now please do not misinterpret my motives :-) In no way to I insinuate that the folks on the photos are defined by that idea!--Nor do I intend the other two meanings of "Loaf/loafer" to be applied---ie. "a loaf of bread" or "a pair of loose shoes" :-)

Ah well, it's raining here today, and my wife says that I need more to do!?

Gary Good