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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ephrata Cloister Chorus

This is my first attempt to create a music video. You will easily see it was done by an amateur but I hope you will take a minute to watch at least part of it. It's a project that ran away with me.

We got a turntable to plug into the computer and convert our old vinyl recordings to digital files which can then be put on an MP3 player. Since we didn't have plans for Christmas Day I thought I would spend the day converting some records (which are under conviction). I did two albums and then did a 45-rpm of music from the Ephrata Cloister. I bought that record when I was a teenager and had not heard it for many years. It is, of course, sung in German, but the English translation is printed on the dust jacket. I thought it would be helpful to have the English words with the music. Since I had never attempted something like this before it was a learning experience and took me a whole day to get it finished. And now I see my proofreader missed a couple typos which you will just have to overlook.
The chorus sings one verse each of seven songs and the entire video lasts 8-10 minutes. If you can't handle the whole thing, listening to even one song will give you a taste of eighteenth century music. 


Merle and Edith Burkholder said...

It looks pretty good to me. ~merle

Scribbler said...

Thanks. It could be improved but it serves the purpose.