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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Blow By Blow

Some weeks life plods along in the same pattern day after day and not much seems to be happening. Some weeks everything seems to go wrong and then we wish for our comfortable old rut. This week fell somewhere in the middle; it was neither boring nor chaotic. But it WAS interesting.
My brother arrived from Canada at 1 a.m. Sunday but since we had turned the clocks back to Standard Time it was midnight.We had a houseful of company all day Sunday with 15 here for lunch, 25 for supper, and a few others that came and went between meals. My brother was here until Thursday morning. We didn't see much of him as his days were filled with meetings, but we did get to visit a bit each morning over breakfast.
We also had revivals this week so that meant going to church each evening. Our evangelist was from eastern Ontario and his wife had come with him. I invited them for supper Friday and that rounded out the week with guests at our table every day. Our revivals were supposed to run through Nov. 10 but one of our members died this week. The revivals were cut short and ended on Friday because of the funeral this weekend.
I coughed and blew my way through all these activities. My cold is nearly two weeks old and I have blown my way through two boxes of Kleenex. I'm starting on the third one today. Living blow by blow is getting rather old. I'm ready for this cold to dry up and blow away.

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