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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Cookie Bake

Baking Christmas cookies is a tradition began before I existed and has been part of my Christmas as long as I can remember. It has been done in various places with different groups of people, but one way or another the tradition goes on.
The last few years my daughters-in-love and some of the grandchildren have gathered to do the baking. My daughter lives in Ohio and is seldom able to join us but participates by proxy. She bakes hers at home, brings them when she comes at Christmas, and collects her share from our bake.
The cookie bake was at my house this year. Five of us each baked two kinds of cookies. One of the ladies was missed on this photo. You can see the taste-testers were doing their job!
Grayson got some lessons in cookie decorating.
Christmas cookies just would not be complete without the decorated cut-out Sugar Cookies.
I really don't need ten dozen cookies but don't want to miss out. One year I baked all by myself and it felt like work. This was fun.

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