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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hiding In The Corners

I've been keeping Grayson one day per week since he was about three months old. This is the first grandchild who lives close enough for me to babysit regularly and I'm taking advantage of the opportunity.
He will be two in January and by now he knows where he's going when the car turns in at our road. He loves to be here and I love having him. He doesn't talk a lot yet but can get his message across very well with sign and body language. Lately when his mother comes to take him home he indicates he wants to stay. This week he ran into the kitchen and tried to hide in the corner behind the sofa. Because he couldn't see us from his hiding place he thought we couldn't see him. But we had seen him going and knew where he was.
I thought about how adults do the same thing but in other ways. Because we can't see God, we forget that He sees everything we do, and even knows every thought we have. The dirty little secrets we have and think no one knows are known by Him.
I was reminded of a something I quoted when I was teaching Sunday school last Sunday. "You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool God any of time."
I thought about that again this morning as I finished housecleaning my kitchen. It was a bit-by-bit process but I finally got it done. I used to do a thorough cleaning twice a year but as the size of the family in residence decreased, once a year was enough. Now that we are back to the original two we started with the amount of dirt that accumulates in the empty nest has decreased some more.
Some years ago an empty nester whom I considered a good housekeeper said she does not houseclean anymore. She said, "When something is dirty, I clean it." I could not imagine how my house would look if I didn't houseclean. But I'm starting to understand. I took a shortcut in the kitchen this year. Last year I took everything out of the cupboards and wiped the shelves but on some of them the rag didn't pick up any dirt. This year I decided it just isn't necessary to do that and only cleaned the ones that were dirty. There may be some dirt hiding in the corners but when it builds up enough that I can see it I'll take care of it. My kitchen looks good even if I did cut a few corners. God knows my dirty little secret and now so do you!

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