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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Past

We had our Christmas dinner on Saturday, December 22. With the new foster baby Dales brought with them, the number of people in attendance reached 30. We are blessed!

About half of the people parked their shoes by the door before going into the basement for dinner.

Gifts were exchanged after the meal. There were more gifts under the table that aren't shown in this photo.
After the feast at dinner we weren't hungry for supper but the children were ready to eat again. The 70th birthday of patriarch of the family was recognized with a birthday cake. A John Deere tractor seemed appropriate since he finished building one from scraps this year.

He was presented with a case to display his collection of  trucks and tractors.

Christmas is about love and family. The love and family of God. The loving gift of His Son so we can be adopted into His family. Take away all the trappings that have be added to make it "feel like Christmas" and where there is love and family it will still be Christmas--any time of the year.

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