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Monday, December 9, 2013

Party Time!

We had a big birthday party for Leroy when he turned 60. It's amazing how short ten years is and how soon the big 7-0 came up! We didn't think it was necessary to have another big party. When Daryl and Velma suggested inviting a few friends to a cabin for the weekend as a birthday celebration, Leroy liked the idea. I told him since it's his party he should make up the guest list. His first choice was to have our bridal party. I believe a little water went over the dam in the 46 years between these pictures! The best man passed  away two years ago so one of our number is missing.
There are seven bedrooms in this cabin so we invited a few more people to fill them. Here is the whole group.
Daryl and Velma took the pictures of the old timers but they are the ones who did all the work to make this weekend happen. Velma offered to do all the cooking. We just went to the table and ate whenever she said the meal was ready. And she wouldn't even let me help wash dishes afterward. We were starting to feel like we're in an old folks home!
That's Velma at the end of the table with the blue sweater and Daryl standing at the other end serving. We officially observed the birthday with a cake for Sunday dinner. It was a good weekend full of memories and laughter. Everyone enjoyed it as far as I could tell.
The weekend ended rather abruptly when we realized the roads are probably getting slippery from the snow that was falling. We slid down the mountain and came home with a lot of happy memories to savor in the days to come. You just simply can't be with this jolly bunch and NOT have fun!
A huge thank you to Daryl and Velma for all the work they did to make it happen. A small party with a few friends was more fun than a big party with lots of friends!

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