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Friday, December 13, 2013


I have never been in the Ukraine and I am not stranded there.
While I was shopping this morning hackers got into my email account and stole my address book. They sent an email to everyone in my address book saying I was stranded in the Ukraine and needed money to get home. While I was still in the grocery store Gene called and told me I had been hacked. When I got home I found four messages on my answering machine from people who had gotten the email. I thought I would quickly send out an email and tell everyone it is a scam but my address book was empty. All my mailing and email addresses and phone numbers are gone.
I called Comcast and we reset things but the hackers had set my email to forward all the messages that came in to their fake email account and I wasn't getting anything. Amy helped me reset it so that stops and I could send and receive again.
Now I have to reassemble my address book and that will take awhile. The big question is, how did they do it? Can they do it again? What I've done so far should help but it might be safer to disable my email and open a new account. I hate to do that but it might be safer that way.
I haven't gotten very far today because the phone has been ringing off the hook. People from here to California and all points in between have been calling about this problem. At least I'm finding out how many friends I have!

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Daryl said...

What a birthday surprise!