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Saturday, November 22, 2014

The End Is In Sight

Things have continued to progress in the church remodeling project during the past month. We are nearing the finish line now and hope to be able to resume our normal schedule by the first Sunday in December. Here are a few pictures of the progress in the past month.

The benches were put back in place after the auditorium was painted and new carpet installed.
 New lights were also installed in the auditorium.

The nursery was painted and updated.

The old men's anteroom now houses the mailbox and opens into the addition.

A new kitchen was installed in the old basement.

The walls in the entire basement were replaced with new insulation and drywall. The clumsy old wooden doors between the Sunday school rooms were replaced with lightweight folding doors.

The addition contains two new Sunday school rooms on both the main floor and basement.

The addition also includes two new his 'n hers bathrooms on the main floor.

The library has been moved to the basement of the addition. Since we are on the library committee, all the library materials have been stored in our garage. This morning we took everything back and put it in place. I have a few details to take care of yet but we should be able to open for business again in December.

An elevator was installed in the new main entrance to provide handicapped access to the main floor.

The stone which had been the cellar wall of the dismantled house was laid around the bottom of the addition to match the stone basement wall of the old building.

It's been a long haul. Work began in April to dismantle the house that used to stand on this spot. But the end is in sight and we will soon be going in and out of these doors every week. Good things take time!

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Twila Henry said...

Wow, it's looking good! Dan and I enjoyed looking through the pictures and remembering how things used to be! :)