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Wednesday, March 8, 2017


We have six adopted grandchildren. Three more adoptions are scheduled for March 23. We have more adopted than natural grandchildren. But they're all ours, no matter how they joined the family.
Adoption is a wonderful way to prevent abortions, provide good homes for needy children, and fill a house with love.
We are empty nesters and just adopted a child. At our age? Yes! Granted, we're too old to take children into our home and raise them but there's more than one way to adopt children. We just adopted a Syrian refugee girl through Christian Aid Ministries.
Aisha was born April 5, 2006. She and her family are originally from Idlib. They came to Lebanon in 2012. The family is made up of ten individuals. One child, Aisha's brother, has Downs Syndrome, and Aisha has diabetes. They all reside in a two-room house. They have nothing to protect them from the outside but a broken wooden door. The family does not have any furniture but only mattresses and blankets. Aisha is the fifth eldest among her siblings. She attends Hope Center school with three of her siblings and is in first grade. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up.
We can't fix everything in Aisha's life but we can make it possible for her to go to school and have a chance in life.  Lots of children are still available. If you would like to adopt a Syrian refugee child you can begin here

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