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Thursday, March 23, 2017


Overall, this winter was mild and dry. We got an inch or two of snow at a time but nothing that caused a problem. The last half of February was especially mild and we began to believe the groundhog was wrong and we would have an early spring.
And then winter got the hiccups and we got blasted with winter last week. A nor'easter dropped 16.5 inches of snow on a Tuesday with a stiff wind that kept drifting the snow across the road every time they tried to open it. I was snowed in for three days. Leroy got out with his 4 x 4 truck but there was no way I was going to try getting out in the car. Those who tried to go through and got stuck were sufficient warning for me to stay home. 
I reverted to winter activities and started crocheting another afghan just for something to do. At least the power stayed on so I did some extra baking too. Finally, on Friday, the wind stopped blowing and they opened the road again. This time it stayed open and I was freed from house arrest. 
March snows don't last long and it is disappearing rapidly although there will be piles around for some time. My spring bulb flowers are out in the sunshine again but they look rather sick. The leave were shredded by hail soon after they came up and then just as the daffodils were starting to bloom they were covered with snow drifts. There won't be many flowers this year. 
I was not among those who were thrilled with the snow and didn't take any pictures. But we really can't complain as this was the only snow storm of the season. It came at the very end of the winter and I encouraged myself knowing it will soon be over. We don't have two more months of this stuff ahead of us. This week we reached the first day of spring and things are looking up.

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