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Thursday, March 30, 2017


I normally pop out of bed in the morning like bread from a toaster and tear into the day. And then I wind down by 2 p.m. and go to bed again at a decent hour. I'm not a night owl by any means. But boy can I procrastinate when it's time to do certain jobs! For example, cleaning cupboards. I can find all kinds of things to do instead, even if I tell myself this is the day. I must get meat out of the freezer first, wash my hair, pay a bill. . . Finally, the dread of doing the job is too heavy to carry anymore and I get ready to tackle it just to get rid of it.
I function best when I operate on a schedule. Certain jobs are done on certain days of the week or month of the year. I even cook on a schedule. You can pretty well tell what day of the week it is by the meat we have for supper. Monday-beef; Tuesday-pork; Wednesday-hamburger; Thursday-chicken; Friday-soup and sandwiches; Saturday-pizza.
Since there's only two of us rattling around in this place now, it doesn't get as dirty as it once did and I don't have to houseclean twice a year anymore. Getting over the whole house once a year is enough. I spread it out by doing one room or portion each month from the end of August through December. Then I take a break the beginning of the year when it's cold and start again in March. I finish in May and take another break over summer.
My office is the room to clean in March. But this year the weather in March was so much like February I just couldn't find the ambition to do it. Who feels like housecleaning when it's blowing snow around or just plain cold. So I kept procrastinating all month until today. I have something else on my schedule for tomorrow. Today was my last chance to get the job done in March and avoid a black mark on my jobs chart. And the weather was no excuse. Funny how far a little sunshine will go to pump ambition through my veins. Once I got started it really wasn't that bad. As usual, dreading it was worse than doing it. My desktop is now free of all piles of paper and the windows are sparkling clean. And I won't have to do it again for another year. 
On to the living room in April.

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