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Friday, February 20, 2009


Yesterday my cousin related a story that has kept me chuckling all day today. She and her husband once took some Amish on a short trip. The Amish told my cousin they want to eat at an S-Honeys sometime on the trip. My cousin and her husband did not know what S-Honeys was. As they drove along they saw a sign for a Shoneys and the Amish said, "There's one!"
This little story gave me an instant flashback to last Sunday when I heard someone say a person was "deVASted" (instead of devastated). Now I am wondering how many times I do something like that. I'm not talking about my thick PA Dutch accent but getting the emPHAsis on the wrong sLYAbil. If you ever hear me make such a blooper, correct me. That would be less embarrassing than continuing to mispronounce a word and having people snicker under their beards.


Gray Lane said...

We want to know if you are snickering under your beard.We would like to see that.

Scribbler said...

It was a very short snicker. :-)