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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

To Each Her Own

I used to think that when I am an old lady I will piece comfort tops for the sewing circle. I gave up on that idea. I'm not getting old and there are so many more interesting things to do.
A couple weeks ago in a Bible School topic on retirement, we were told there is more to life than going to Florida and playing shuffleboard. (I agree!) We were challenged to spend these years of our lives doing some kind of volunteer work, according to our ability and interests. That was the jolt I needed to take action on an idea that had been simmering in the back of my mind for several years to volunteer at the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society. When I thought it over, I decided if I ever want to do it I should get on with it before my children start telling me I am too old to drive to Lancaster by myself.
Steve Ness is in charge of the volunteers. He could have given me work every Tuesday but I think that is a little more than I can handle without some of my other irons growing cold. I said I will try to be there every other Tuesday and he assured me they will be able to find enough work to keep me busy.
Yesterday was my first day as a volunteer. My first job was to help answer a question that had been mailed in asking how Andrew Wyth was related to Hans Herr. I could see that taking all day! Fortunately, someone had already done the research to answer the same question earlier but the paper with the answer had been filed in the wrong place. I managed to track it down. Next I updated the index in the computer for the Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage magazine. The editor of the magazine asked me to check the pictures she is using for my article on the Powells in the April issue. In the process I told her I had just discovered the Lancaster County Historical Society has a picture of the inside of Eli B. Powl's garage in Lancaster. (He is one of the people mentioned in my article.) I had not gotten there to see it yet and figured it is too late to get it in the article. But she wanted to see it, so we went over there together and she decided that is exactly what she wants for the cover. It is a really neat picture, taken in 1924, with a lot of old cars inside the garage. She said that made her day, and it made mine too.
I thoroughly enjoyed my first day as a volunteer. They will have a variety of jobs for me to do and I expect it will all be very interesting. I'll let others who love to sew piece the comfort tops and make myself useful at the historical society which is a must more interesting activity. To each her own!

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