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Sunday, February 1, 2009


I came across this marriage announcement which was printed in a Lancaster newspaper in the mid-1800s:
In Bethlehem, Conn. Mr Chauncey Strong to Miss Mary Ann Kasson.---By this connection, he becomes the son of his sister, brother to his uncle, nephew to his brother, and cousin to his nephew. She becomes sister to her mother, daughter to her brother, sister to her aunt, aunt to her cousin, niece to her brother, and cousin to her niece.
I got lost at the second turn. If you can figure out how this bride and groom were related, let me know. Maybe it their son who was his own grandpa.


Gene and Amy Stauffer said...

Is there a diagram of that family tree?

Scribbler said...

I wish! You make one and show it to me; then we'll both know.