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Monday, March 16, 2009

Home Improvements

I have not had time to post anything lately because I've been running to and fro upon the face of the earth. Today I am staying home and sitting in one spot long enough to let the dust settle.
We spent the weekend in Ohio with Cheryl and her family. They began an ambitious remodel and addition project in July 2008 which has dragged on and on. When we were there in October they were living in the basement. The main living area had been gutted and was framed. A lot has happened since then. They lived in the basement four months and moved into the first finished room on New Year. They have moved into a room or two at a time as they were finished and then tackled remodeling the existing bedrooms. Last Saturday the children moved into their new rooms.
Cheryl finished the painting this past week and they were all set to finish the project this weekend by having the carpet installed in the spare bedroom, hall, and living room. Unfortunately, when the installer rolled out the living room carpet he found a serious flaw in it. So it has to be sent back to the manufacturer for a replacement and the living room could not be finished. He did install the carpet in the spare bedroom, so that is one more room to call finished.
Here is the new kitchen. You will only fully comprehend the improvement if you remember seeing the old kitchen. They are eating at the bar, but the dining room table will soon be in place under the hanging light in the foreground. The french doors on the right open into the office. The next door down the hall is the laundry. Both of these rooms were previously in the basement.

This is the view from the kitchen looking through the dining room and still-empty living room. The custom-made hutch will be moved to the left wall and house Cheryl's china. The door on the right goes to the basement where the remains of "moving" are resting.
Although the dirt and mess of the construction is finally coming to and end, there is still a lot of work to be done. Some things, such as the food in pantry, still has not moved upstairs. After the living room furniture is moved back in there are curtains to hang, the clutter in the basement to deal with etc. It's been a long, hard hill to climb but the end is in sight and the improvements will last a lot longer than the year it took to accomplish this great transformation. It is very nice!

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