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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Two Hands

What a blessing it is to have two hands! I take them for granted until something happens to make one of them useless. I have had a double reminder the last two weeks to be thankful for both hands. Last Thursday my right wrist was sore and my hand swelled up (for some still unexplained reason). I made do with the left hand a couple days until the swelling went down. It was back to normal by Sunday.
On Tuesday this week I spring cleaned our bedroom. Pushing furniture and flipping the mattress proved to be too much for my pippy little bicep. By evening my left arm was sore but I ignored it and continued to use it on Wednesday. Wrong move! I had to spend Wednesday night on the recliner with the arm propped on a pillow. I've been keeping it in a sling since then and some rest is doing the trick. This morning I can lift it high enough to reach the keyboard again and comb my hair without agony.
I hope this is the end of the right-left maneuvers and next week I can return to the full use of both hands. It is terribly inconvenient to try to function with only one hand, but I'd be up the crick if I only had one to start with. There are just some things that take two hands to accomplish. In addition to being thankful for two good hands, I was reminded to be thankful that I married a spare pair of hands that can help out when one of mine is on the blink. Having someone put on your socks (or unmentionables) isn't the same as doing it yourself but it sure is the best option when you've only got one hand.

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