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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Winter Projects

Spring is approaching and the time to accomplish my winter projects is fast coming to an end. Two things still not crossed off my winter to-do list on March 1 were scrapbooking my 2008 pictures and making 14 pillowtops. On Monday I finished the scrapbooking and the pillow project is coming along. I ran out of lace and fabric for the ruffles and will get more tomorrow, but it will probably be next week before I can make the last two. Here are a few of those I finished yesterday and today. (Some duplicates of these are on the finished pile.)

When my mother died in 1993, I inherited a large bag of her everyday dresses because I am about the same size she was. After the dresses sat here for 15 years, I knew I would never wear all of them because I have enough everyday dresses of my own. With my frugal German genes (inherited from Mom) I hated to throw the dresses away, so I decided to cut them into patches and make a pillowtop for each of Mom's daughters, daughters-in-law, and granddaughters. To do that, I needed to make 14. Piecing quilt patches is out of my league so my sister-in-law did that part. I've been quilting the tops "in between" other things this winter with the goal of having them finished by our Burkholder dinner at Easter.

The plain pink was the color of the uniforms Mom wore to work in the laundry of a motel, the red is from a dress Daddy bought for her . . . Every patch reminds me of Mom and brings back precious memories. I think she would approve of her dresses being used this way. And it's a good feeling for me to see this project finally being finished.

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Meredith said...

They are lovely!~Edith