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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Coming Down

The house is coming down. This is how it looked on Tuesday when my sister drove by. One of our sons also stopped in and talked to the men who are doing the demolition. He was told the barn is rented and will probably stand another year. The house is being taken down to make way for the road that will go in to the development. It will be called Willow Creek. The name is taken from the willow tree that stands along the creek in the meadow. There was no willow tree in the meadow when we lived there. This house was built in 1900 so it stood for 109 years before succumbing in the name of "progress."


Gary Good said...

For all us old Ephrata area emigrants, could you give the exact street & township address of your old homestead?

Gary Good

Scribbler said...

111 Meadow Valley Road, Ephrata
It is the first little farm on the right after turning off 272 onto Meadow Valley Road.