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Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th Project

We wanted to paint the porches at the cabin when we were there the first weekend in June but the wood was soaking wet after two weeks of almost daily rains. We had a sisters huddle then and decided to go again the July 4 weekend to do the painting, weather permitting. Since the 4th is on a Saturday this year, Leroy had a holiday on Friday. That was perfect to do the job. We needed to put a coat of color stain on one day and then a protective coat of urethane the second day.
It was sort of touch and go earlier this week but someone who lives near the cabin said the showers had passed them by up there. Carol & Mary went up Thursday night but the rest of us went Friday morning. We got the redwood coat on everything by afternoon (including a small back porch which does not show on the picture). A few short showers popped up late in the afternoon but the paint was dry enough by then to shed the rain.
This morning we put the urethane on top of the redwood. We are hoping that will make it last longer so we don't need to paint so soon again. The color stain is supposed to have a waterproof coating mixed with it but it just does not hold up very long. We have been wanting to cover it with urethane for years but never seemed to find two days back-to-back to get the job done. This weekend was perfect. The weather today is gorgeous with comfortable temperatures and enough air to aid drying. There are no picnics or fireworks for us on the 4th this year, but it is a good feeling to finally get this job done.

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