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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Makeover--Phase 3

It is finished! Thanks to an eager sister-in-law who volunteered to help during their stay here. My kitchen redecorating project paused last Thursday after I painted the undercoat on the walls. My brother Merle, Edith, and Dallas arrived on Friday and (after four days of working on walls) I was ready for a break anyway.
Monday morning Edith volunteered to help paint the color coat on the walls. I didn't make her beg! She said she enjoys painting and I guess painting a wall is not a big deal for someone who is used to painting portraits. I helped a little but let her have most of the fun. I was satisfied to call the painting a day's work but she was itching to see some paper on the wall. I hated to disappoint her so after supper we papered the section of wall in the kitchen end of the room.
This morning we rolled out the paper again and papered the dining room end of the room. I was hoping to be finished by Thursday but this is even better. The paper went on quickly with two of us working at it and no matching. I think it looks lovely, but you be the judge. Compare the new look with the pictures in the previous posts.
Close up of the paper.


Gray Lane said...

You wanted to do it in June, and you finished it in June. Looks great!

Miller scribe said...

I like it better than either of your previous choices.