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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Service

Gene and Amy were in the Dominican Republic last week to help with some work projects for This Little Light Ministries. I was surprised when they brought this cane and a mortar and pestle home for us.

Gene said he was afraid Leroy would be offended by the gift of a cane but the first thought that went through my head when I saw it was to wonder which of us it was intended for (given the state of affairs when they left). I soon realized the mortar and pestle was most likely intended for me and I am happy to have improved enough while they were gone that I have no need of a cane. Leroy is welcome to it, although I hope he won't need it either for a long time.

Daryl and Velma are the next ones planning to give a week of service this summer by being head cooks for a girls' camp. Gerald is planning to go to Haiti for a week in August to help his cousin in the medical clinic where she is serving with Christian Aid Ministries. It is good to see our children giving their time and talents to serve the Lord in other places.

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