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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Extreme Makeover--Phase 1

Since medication has gotten my rheumatoid arthritis under control and the weather remains comfortable, I decided to go ahead after all with my plans to redo the kitchen in June. Here is how it looked Monday morning before I began. (I should have closed the door to the laundry.)
My parents helped hang this paper in November 1982. I liked the design of ivy leaves on white bricks and did not get tired of looking at it. But after nearly 27 years it was time for replacement.
On Saturday I told Leroy paper is made dry strippable and comes off easier than it goes on. Those were famous last words! Shortly after I started yesterday I discovered this old paper is NOT dry strippable. It has to be soaked with warm water and scraped off the wall. Then I need to wash off all the old glue. I worked 4 1/2 hours to clean one wall. This is how it looks this morning.

Yes, that ugly gold is the color I painted it before it was papered. When you build your own house and live in it for 41 years you can't blame the decorating goofs on a former owner. I don't know what possessed me to paint it that color except that it was in the 70s when gold was an "in" color. I'm going to tackle the north wall today but I can see it is going to take me three days just to get the old paper off. Plans are to paper the lower portion of the wall with a pattern that looks like wainscoating with a border at chair rail height. The top portion will be painted the same neutral color as the hall and living room. I think the new look will be an improvement. It is going to take me a couple weeks to get there but now that I have started there is no turning back. I am certainly not going to revert to that ugly gold color!

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Miller scribe said...

Be sure to paint with primer before adding new paint or paper. You'll need it to hide the hideous gold AND it will reveal any spots that are not thoroughly cleaned of paste - a major problem we faced in our hideously gold stairwell (previous owner's goof!)