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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Garden Gremlins

Is there such a thing as Garden Gremlins? Well, something needs to take responsibility for the stillborn garden we planted the end of April. Due to a cool, wet spring, we did not get anything planted until April 27. When we left on vacation the middle of May a few potatoes were poking through the ground. The onions, tomato, and cabbage plants I set out were thriving. We came back at the end of May to find the garden covered with a carpet of green---weeds. Another week of wet weather served to make it impossible to attack the weeds which happily grew as if their lives depended upon it.
At last, after three sunny warm days, the ground was fit to till last evening. I went out to show Leroy where the rows of beans and corn are, and found none! About a dozen scattered corn stalks had come up in the two rows we planted and not a one beanstalk. He worked up the whole patch and we replanted the corn but I did not have any more bean seeds. We were just in time! By the time it got dark the rain had returned and more thunderstorms rumbled through this morning.
Gardening is always a gamble but this is the worst germination rate we have had in 42 years. Maybe the garden was trying to get revenge because we reduced it's size this year. Whatever the cause, it's not too late to plant more beans but (if the Garden Gremlins stay out) the corn and beans will be late in the season.

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