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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Makeover--Phase 2

Whew! I've been working on this kitchen four days in a row and I need a break. Monday I stripped the paper off one wall (as per previous post). Tuesday I did another wall and finally finished the last section on Wednesday morning. On Wednesday afternoon I painted all the trim. Today I put a coat of primer on the entire wall and a second coat on the upper half. Leroy thought maybe I should not paint the lower portion at all (which will be papered) because if anyone ever takes that paper off they won't be able to see what color it had been. That's the idea, my dear! I want to erase forever that decorating disaster! (For the record, he was kidding.)

This is how my vintage 70s kitchen looked this morning before I started painting the walls.

This is how it looks now. Notice anything?

The finish coat, called Blushing Tan, will add a bit more color than this white primer. At this point the walls look much like the white plaster we had when we built the house in 1968. I don't know when we will be able to move on to Phase 3 and finish the painting and papering. My brother and his family will arrive from Canada tomorrow and be staying here until July 2. At least I've gotten this far and we don't have to look at that screaming gold for a week.

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Gray Lane said...

You may think that gold was a decorating disaster, but what people are doing these days will be the same way. It is a fade now, but it won't last forever. My guess is that 27 years from now many people who painted rooms in the last 0-3 years will wonder why they painted their rooms such hideous colors. "Espeially that one wall--the rest of the room isn't so bad, but that one wall is hideous. Why would they have painted one wall different from the rest?"