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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cave Woman

Greetings from my cave!
I am still chuckling over the phone call I had earlier today. A young man called with a great offer for cable TV. As soon as I could get a word in edgewise I told him that his offer will not do me any good because I do not have a TV.
After a moment of shocked silence he said, "You don't have a TV? Do you live in a cave? How do you live without a TV?"
I told the young man I had never needed or had a TV in my house. He, like the majority of our society, could not imagine life without TV. Television was forbidden in the church I grew up in and the one I am a member of today maintains that standard. Rather than feeling deprived, I am thankful. Living without a TV has spared me a lot of trouble and been a great benefit.
How do we live without TV? We listen to music, read books, garden, sew, develop hobbies, and visit friends. I'm so busy I don't know when I'd find time to watch TV. We had enough to regulate when we were raising children without adding the hassle of what and how much they could watch. They used their imaginations to invent their own games, rode bike, and read books to entertain themselves rather than wasting both their time and brains watching mindless shows. You can actually have an intelligent conversation with friends when you are not gathered around a TV watching some sports event or pointless show. You don't learn anything when the conversation goes no further than the play or score.
The main reason I do not have a TV is not because my church does not allow it but because I don't want one. I am quite comfortable in my cave and not missing a thing.


Miller scribe said...

Too funny. And oh so true! I have fond memories of playing in the creek and picnics in the meadow.

Monica said...

Have you ever seen this article? It confirms what we already know- that TV is a waste of time! This is a link

-from Monica, longtime lurker and proud fellow member of Lanc.Menn.Hist.Soc.

Scribbler said...

No, I never saw that article but it's a good one.
Nice to meet you Monica. I have a hunch you found me through my brother Merle. Wouldn't be the first time that happened. Sometimes I'm surprised who reads my gibberish.