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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tractors 'N Wagons

Yesterday Leroy hauled his John Deere crawler about 1.5 miles down the road to a neighbor who was having a little show. His crawler added some variety to the line of John Deere tractors.

This man makes models of antique wagons and does a very nice job of it. He made a Conestoga wagon, Gruber wagons, and all sorts of delivery wagons once used to deliver milk, oil, mail, etc.

Someone had one of his Gruber wagons hitched to a large goat.

He also has a shed full of the real thing.

I didn't go along because I figured if you've seen one tractor you've seen them all, but I would have liked to see these wagons. If he does it again next year I'll probably go long enough to see the wagons. Gruber wagons were made locally by the Gruber Wagon Works. The wagon beds could be changed depending on the job the farmer needed to do. They used the wagon bed with the low slanted sides to haul hay (see second picture) and the bed with taller straight sides (like the one the goat is pulling) to haul corn.
The Gruber Wagon Works is now a national historic site. You can learn about it here:

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