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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Grandparent's Day

We don't get to participate in many grade school activities because Cheryl lives in Ohio and Dales home school. I was happy to be invited to Grandparent's Day at the Ephrata Mennonite School today for two reasons. Three of Jay & Marilyn's children go there and it's where I went for nine years myself. (Jay & Marilyn's children aren't actually our grandchildren but they call us Grandpa and Grandma.)
Grandparents were invited to tell or read a story or do something for the grade their grandchildren are in. Lauren is in kindergarten and the twins are in fourth grade. I read one of my "Esther" stories in each room. I chose those stories because they were written about things I remember from my years in that school. From the sounds I heard while I was reading, I believe they liked the stories.
The story I read to kindergarten told how Esther went to school and learned that lmnop is not one long letter in the middle of the alphabet but actually five separate letters. After I finished reading to the kindergarten, they treated us to a few songs. Unfortunately, Lauren is hidden behind someone's head in this picture. After they finished singing we had lunch with the children.

I was surprised how many familiar faces I saw at school today; not among the students but in the grandparent crowd. It sure doesn't seem like more than 55 years since I was 5 and learning the things these children are learning today. It was fun to go back to school again and remember the good old days.

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