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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Run on Bread and Milk Is Forecast

In his homemade almanac, Berks County's self-styled weather prognosticator, Lester G. Moyer, nailed the approximate dates of February's two large snowfalls in eastern Pennsylvania. After those forecasts (based on lunar phases and intuition) were validated, someone mentioned Moyer's forecast for "the grandaddy of 'em all" on March 7, and it snowballed from there.
Press all over the region reported Moyer's call for a potential 40-inch snowfall. People are reported to be changing travel plans and some have already called off work on Monday. Hardware stores are sold out of supplies in anticipation of the "Big One."
According to the Reading Eagle, the senior AccuWeather meterologist near State College has fielded calls about Moyer from every state bordering Pennsylvania. The AccuWeather forecast for March 7 is "partly sunny and 45-50 degrees."
Moyer says the press is making too big a deal of his prediction. "This is not an exact science," he says. But he still believes there is potential (give or take a few days) for ten to fifty inches of snow.
Parts of Berks County have received about 60 inches of snow this winter, or more than double the normal amount. Moyer's predictions are taken more seriously during a winter in which a blizzard develops at the drop of a snowflake. If you live anywhere in eastern Pennsylvania, buy bread and milk now because grocery stores will be overwhelmed Saturday, no matter what meteorologists predict.

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