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Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow, Snow, Go Away

It's snowing again. So what else is new? It's been several years since we had a winter like this and I figured we were about due for one again. December and January were not bad but February has really socked it to us. Leroy has used his crawler to push snow more this winter than he has for a long time.
Yesterday I saw the drift that had covered the bird feeder had gone down enough to allow the birds to feed again. (I didn't pity them enough to dig it out.) The snow that fell in the last 24 hours drifted overnight and this morning the drift behind the house is taller than me (that means it must be more than 4' 10") and the bird feeder has disappeared again.
Lester Moyer, the Berks County weather "authority" predicted in his almanac that we're in for the granddaddy of them all on March 7. He is feeling pretty smug about his accurate preditions of the previous storms but time will tell if he's right about March 7. All I know is that spring has never failed to arrive and this will eventually have to go away. I am ready any time now.

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