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Thursday, February 11, 2010

1-2 Punch

As you probably heard on the news, the winter gave us two blizzards back-to-back. We were still contending with the remains of the first one when another one socked us again yesterday. There was about six inches of fresh snow when we got up in the morning and it snowed all day, sometimes at the rate of 4 inches per hour.
Gerald's clinical was canceled but Leroy went to work as usual. He figured he'd go in at least a couple hours and maybe plow some snow around the warehouse. Well, before noon he decided it is time to go home. He managed to get in but not without getting stuck when he was nearly home. The snow plow just happened to come by while he was struggling to get out. The guy on the plow pulled him out and plowed a path to the house. Thank you very much!
The wind kicked in around noon and added insult to injury. Around 3 in the afternoon Gene called and asked Gerald for some help. He got out ok with his Blazer but got stuck on the way home about a quarter mile from the house. It took 2 1/2 hours, the help of the neighbor men, and Leroy's JD crawler to get him home. He finally got in at 7 p.m., caked with snow and half frozen.
I had invited the neighbor men for supper because their wives (my cousins) are in Thailand visiting the daughter of one of them. I thought I was doing them a favor but they did us a favor by helping get Gerald home. It's a blessing to have good neighbors!
The wind is still blowing and we are snowed in good and solid. After last night's caper no one even wants to try get out. Being snowed in isn't the worst thing that could happen. We've got oil in the tank and the electric hasn't even flickered once. As long as those things hold out we are comfortable and life continues. Winter is in the second half and there has never been a year when spring did not eventually arrive. This too shall pass.

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