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Saturday, February 6, 2010


The great blizzard of 2010 is winding down. The snow has stopped but the wind is still doing its thing. The snow began about the time it got dark yesterday and by this morning we had about eight inches although it is hard to tell with the way it drifted. Once again, the areas south and east of us got more than we did. I am not complaining!
Leroy got up at 5:30 this morning and saw a car was stuck in front of our garage. He went out and brought the two guys in. They were on the way to do the milking for the neighbor and called him to come with a tractor or something to pull them out. Before the farmer got here another lady came in saying she was stuck too. So we had an earlier start than I was planning for a snowed-in Saturday morning.
The plow has opened the road and we can get out although I wouldn't try it unless it was absolutely necessary. My Canadian brother will laugh at calling this a blizzard but it is the most snow we've had so far this winter---or for the last several winters for that matter.
Here is the drift in front of the garage at the house.

Leroy's John Deere crawler comes in handy when we have drifts this size. And it gives him an excuse to play with his toy.
I was pretty much figuring on being snow-bound all weekend. The jury is still out on tomorrow. I guess it depends on how soon the wind dies down. Once in awhile it is nice to cocoon from the world for a day or two.

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