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Sunday, May 16, 2010


Yesterday was the big day. Gerald received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and is now an alumni of Alvernia University. We managed to get fairly good seats in the Sovereign Center but it was hard to get good pictures. Here he is, having his red and gold hood adjusted just before he walked up the stage for his diploma. (There were two ladies adjusting hoods. He is the first one on this picture.)

Unfortunately, we were on the wrong side of the stage and I could not get a good picture of the big moment but photos were taken by a professional and will be available for purchase. As is usual in college, he received only the folder for his diploma and a certificate which promised the actual diploma will be mailed later. Nevertheless, the degree has been conferred upon him and the state has been notified that he is eligible to take the state test to become a Registered Nurse.
We had a party at Gene and Amy's house in the evening to celebrate Gerald's success. The weather cooperated perfectly and gave us a beautiful evening for an outdoor party.
This was a better place than the crowded Sovereign Center to take photos. Here he is with some of his biggest fans---his family.
And the newest fan who joined the cheering section during his senior year--Kelly Martin.

All of these fans surprised him by pooling resources and presenting him with a new laptop computer. He earned it!

Gerald worked long and hard to earn his BSN. We celebrate his success with him and wish him a long and rewarding career as a Registered Nurse.

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