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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Pinning

Gerald has been pinned! We attended the pinning ceremony at Alvernia University this afternoon and I used his video camera to record the whole thing. I never used it before so it probably isn't the best that could have been done but better than nothing.
Since nurses no longer wear caps, pinning takes the place of capping. The pin was actually fastened to a red ribbon which was slipped over the head of each graduate and worn around the neck. Pinning was optional but he worked so hard to get to this point he might as well enjoy all the benefits and honors he earned and deserves.

There was a light reception after the ceremonies and then we left campus for the last time. Commencement will be at the Sovereign Center in Reading tomorrow. I got rather emotional watching him being pinned. The first year he went to the community college part time and then switched to Alvernia so he has spent five years working toward this day. I told him I prayed every day that he would be able to finish all his courses. What shall I pray for now? He said I can pray he passes his state test to become a fully licensed Registered Nurse. I'll do that!

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