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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Wheel of Life

I'm getting there! When I looked ahead at my calendar for May I knew it was going to be a wild ride. The first half of the month included a house guest and a week of historical activities (Genealogy Conference etc.) immediately followed by Gerald's graudation. I survived that round and shifted into second gear---getting ready to go on a trip to Canada. The list of little things I must do before we go was being crossed off one-by-one this week. I am not finished but with one week to go, the list has been whittled down to a manageable size.
We plan to leave on May 29 and travel as far north as Sioux Lookout to visit my brother and his family. Fortunately, Gerald will be here to keep things under control. His new job begins June 22 so he should have time to take care of himself and the place in our absence. We expect to return June 10, followed immediately by the family weekend at the cabin. This means it will be the middle of June before I know what happened.
I thought people are supposed to slow down when they get older. Either I'm not getting older or I was deluded. I hope the pace slows and the dust settles the last half of June. I want to do all these things but the wheel of life is spinning too fast to smell the roses.

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